v2.2 LTS
Masonite Essentials
Database Seeding

You'll likely want to seed your database during development in order to get some dummy data into your database to start working fast.
Masonite uses Orator to generate seed files. This documentation will explain how to create the files itself.
Read more about creating seed classes with the Orator documentation.

We can simply create a new seeder by running:
craft seed User
This will create a new seeder inside the databases/seeds directory. This will also create a database_seeder.py file which will be where the root of all seeds should be.
The user_table_seeder should be where you simply abstract your seeds to.

We can run:
craft seed:run
This will run the database_seeder seed. We can also specify an individual seed
craft seed:run User
Which will run the user_table_seeder only.
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