Status Codes


Status codes are a crucial part of any application. They allow your users to identify exactly what went wrong with your site without showing too much information. By default, Masonite will show generic 404 pages when a url is missed.

When APP_DEBUG is True in your .env file, an exception view is shown to help you debug your application. When it is False then it will show a generic 500 error page.

This behavior is through the StatusCodeProvider in your PROVIDERS list. In addition to this behavior we can also show our own error pages.

How It Works

Masonite will first look for the error that is being thrown in your resources/templates/errors directory and render that template. If one does not exist then it will return a generic view from the Masonite package itself.


For example if a 404 Not Found error will be thrown then it will first check in resources/templates/errors/404.html and render that template. This is the same behavior for 500 Server Not Found errors and other errors thrown.

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