This page contains all deprecated code that may be removed in future versions of Masonite. These helpers are available to use for the remainder of the 2.1 lifetime but will be removed in either the next version (2.2) or the version after.

About Deprecation

Some code inside Masonite becomes obsolete as new features become available. In order to make maintaining the codebase easier and clutter free, Masonite will start emitting deprecation warnings during minor releases of the current release.

For example if you upgrade from 2.1.20 to 2.1.21, you may start seeing deprecation warnings inside your console. You can safely ignore these warnings and your code will still work fine but may not work when upgrading to the next major version (for example from 2.1 to 2.2).

What to do

When you see these deprecation warnings, you will see a link as well that comes to this page. You should scroll down this page for examples on how to get your code up to date and not in a deprecated state. You should do this as soon as it becomes convenient for you to do so.

Deprecated Code

No code is scheduled for deprecation as of yet. This can change with future versions of Masonite

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